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Our Service

Our Service

Market Insights:
Do you require market insights directly from relevant market players and industry experts? Bell & Holmes provides you with first-hand insights that our team derives from interviewing people within the scope you define. Decision-makers, decision influencers, researchers, users, competitors, (potential) customers, and market experts in academia or public institutions.

Whether you require quantitative or qualitative information, NPS, KPC, benchmarking of competitors along KPC, market trends, customer journeys, switching behavior, pricing, market sizing and segmentation, we provide you an answer. You need more industry specific questions covered? We are happy to support you. Unlike standardized surveys, you will gain a deeper understanding of the quantitative data, as we strive to provide you with additional insights and rationales. We do not only offer you the answer to “what?” but also to “why?”.

From your initial project inquiry to our support kicking off, generally, less than 48hrs, and sometimes as little as 12hrs will have passed. With us providing you with daily results and briefings, this translates to you receiving first market insights within a 36 to 72 hours time-span.

Do you require market insights from France, Germany, China, or Latin America? You don’t have the language capability, interviewing expertise or spare capacity in your team? We will have it covered. Our team can cover over 130 countries in their respective mother tongue

Our team has experience in all major industries and segments. By being specialized in niche markets, we can provide you with insights for almost any product or service, from primary to quinary sectors of the economy.

Information sourcing is time-intensive. Interviews conducted by your team bind resources that could be allocated more efficiently. You provide us with the interview guide and a daily 15-minute touchpoint with one of your team members is all it takes with us.

Projects can be fast-paced, new hypotheses may need to be tested, new geographies may suddenly appear to be more relevant. We can accommodate and adapt to your changing needs on a daily basis. Altering the line of questioning? Covering an additional geography? Increase of team-size? We will have your back.

With the experience of over 400 CDDs supported alone, in addition to strategy and red flag analysis one knows how to cover markets.