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Years of Business Experience
Projects Completed
Clients Supported

Your Cold Calling Research Company

In-depth & Representative Insights

30-50 interviews per week
by a standard team with current (not former!)
market experts and decision makers.

Exclusivity of Information

We source contacts individually, only for your project,
and we never provide the same data or interview
partner to another client.

Global Market Insights Delivered

Coverage of all major European
markets, the Americas, APAC (incl. China),
Africa & Middle East in their native language.

Responsive: Because Speed Matters

Ramp-up time in less than 48 hrs after your “go,”
first results within 72 hrs.


Wide Industry Track-Record

We are experienced in covering all major industry sectors - especially niche markets


750+ Supported Projects

We have worked on commercial due diligence, growth strategy, market entry, and red flag projects

Client Base

The Who-Is-Who of Private Equity and Consulting

We are supporting offices of the Big Three (MBB), PE firms, Big Four, major strategy, and boutique consultancies.

“We have been working with all types of primary research vendors, but no one else can provide this number of interviews with great depth on a daily basis steadily and reliably”
Partner from Big Three
“With 'Bell&Holmes' support, we are able to gain market insights within 3 to 5 days. We appreciate the capability and the new dynamics they have brought into the primary research field.”
Senior Project Manager from Big Three

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